popular booth options

Social Media Uploads are available if your venue has access to WiFi. Your guests enter their email address on the touch screen and the photos and videos they take will upload to their email account right from your event. Then they can share them to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo or wherever they want. If no WiFi is available, their photos will upload after the event is over and have regain access to a WiFi signal.

Scrap Book Album - Leather bound scrap book Albums are available in either 50 or 100 pages. You can choose Black, Red or White Covers. These are great to have at your event so your guests can glue their pictures into your album and write you a special message.

External Monitors - Just because you have an enclosed booth doesn’t mean your guests can’t see the fun. These monitors can be set to show either a slide show or a live camera shot of what’s happening inside the booth. Helps build excitement for the people waiting in line as well as all the guest at your event.

Thumb Drives - A Must have Option for Video Booths. We can supply you with a Flash Drive of all the photos taken at your event. You will have everyone’s silly, funny faces Photo's and Videos. This can be a great gift to give to your bridal party. Print them, share them, upload them to social media, the choice is yours.

Our booths have a speaker systems for music for your guests. This is a great option if the booth is located in another room or hall away from the main action. Since we are a DJ company too, music selection is not a problem.